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My brother and I have experimented in 3D design and 3D printing for almost a year.  We have printed professionally since April 2015 and have completed numerous jobs order from our 3D Hubs https://www.3dhubs.com/san-diego/hubs/brother-robot


3D Printing


We are experienced in building and maintaining 3D printing equipment.  Our skills allow us to produce high quality products.


Our recent commission was to create a customized 3D Printed Guitar Capo for Musicology of Temecula.  You can purchase one of your very own on our website!


3D Scanning


We have modified XBox 360 Kinect, Sense 3D, and Fuel3D (facial) professional scanning equipment.  We are still learning this technology for practical applications outside of creating 3D Selfies.  Please stay tuned for developments in this service.



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Brother Robot V1.1

Brother Robot
Escondido, California 92026


E-mail: calramon@brotherrobot.com

We are Brother Robot

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